Letters in brief


Koiari Puzzle:
Concerned residents of Port Moresby urged the prime minister last year to discipline the Cabinet ministers, civil servants and their consultants who mishandled the Koiari landowner issues. Nothing was done because a certain minister and a so-called chairman of a landowning group faction claimed in the media that payment had been made to the rightful owners of the land. With the new petitions, who do we believe now? The supply of water and power should not be disturbed and there has to be a clear agreement in place, giving the rightful landowning unit through their umbrella company a 5-10 per cent shareholding in the State entities supplying water and power. In return, the landowners provide a guarantee that there will be no future acts of sabotage.


Bad pay:
I’m writing this to inform the Labour Department to please help our citizens who are employed and being underpaid by foreign-owned trade companies. Can you help increase their wages? Young girls, mothers and fathers are working very hard but get very little back in return. Today, 1kg of rice and a small can of tinned fish cannot hold a household for more than seven days. Is there a way to help this hard-working people? The local people are working hard and yet there is nothing being done to improve their pay.

Please gat bel lo ol arapela

Boozing cops:
Police officers photographed on the front page of your newspaper drinking beer while in police uniform (The National, Mar 7) should be disciplined. It seems like they do not respect the uniform and the law of this country. They should not be drinking in uniform. They should not even be drinking in a motor vehicle, let alone in a government-owned one.


Going backwards:
Goroka, the capital of Eastern Highlands, the gateway to the upper highlands region, is stagnant. Is it because of the election petition or are the people who are supposed to propel the district forward either so negligent or ignorant that they cannot adequately plan and deliver services. It’s sad to see the infrastructures put up during the colonial era deteriorating and falling apart and no authority seems to care. So much money has been given by the O’Neill government but there’s nothing to show for. It’s shameful to see our beautiful and peaceful town left behind in terms of development.

Kotiufa Sniper

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