Letters in brief


Safety first:
The new handrails put up along the 2-Mile road in Port Moresby have grown legs and walked away. My appeal to the good NCD Governor Powes Parkop is that it is really sick in the eye seeing no handrails along the new road. For safety concern, can the Governor erect new handrails to keep pedestrians and drivers safe?

Concerned citizen, POM

Bad road :
I would like to draw the attention of the Member for Moresby North-East, Minister for National Housing Commission John Kaupa, that the road leading into 8-Mile 1st Block, 2nd Block and Last Block needs urgent repairs. The minister himself drive along there at times and even goes as far as 2nd Block where the Nipa-Mendi people live, so he should know what the road is like. Recent heavy rain has made the road worse, with potholes everywhere. We would love to see the road fixed soon.

Frustrated Commuter

Sabbath call:
As a Christian nation why are we trying to abolish the Sabbath as it is known in the Bible? The final warning to those who are trying to abolish this Sabbath is found in the Book of Revelation. Don’t deny the Word of God. The Sabbath was made for man and not by man. Preach and explain the Bible; do not add or take away from it. This is the end-time message to you all.

Bholtman Balthy, Save Mission, Bogia, Tanggu.

Not spiritual?
During a recent event of the Life In The Spirit Church, fronted by David Dii, we saw soldiers and police officers in trucks helping escort drug addicts and growers to the reconciliation and rehabilitation programme at the National Park in Goroka. Church organised programmes are meant to be spiritual and peaceful, focusing on the Creator and his power to change people. Why is it that ministries like this are engaging law enforcement officers to provide protection? Are they trying to gain popularity? Isn’t this similar to what used to occur with the Kingal Ministries, when it existed? Strange isn’t it?

Observer, Goroka

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