Letters in brief


Unsafe feeling:
Recently in the media, I have noticed a rise in the number of cases relating to sexual offences nationally. This makes me pause for a minute and think about the safety of women and girls in our society. As a female student I don’t feel safe as I go about doing my day-to-day activities. This, however, brings an important question to mind: What are the government and churches doing?

Wisper in the wind

Daki praised:
I am really happy with the initiative taken by Tambul-Nebilyer MP Win Bakri Daki. As a citizen of Tambul Nebilyer, I’m really happy to read in the newspaper about the power project for Mt Giluwe (The National, Oct 22, 2018). It is my pleasure to congratulate him and encourage him to continue with what he has started. Let us put political bickering and other related issues aside and work as one people. I hope to see more developments. Please continue to serve the people of Tambul and look at the people in Nebilyer too.

Jonathan Mok, NGV

Rubbish heads:
Despite the good work by NCD Governor Powes Parkop to engage unemployed youths from all the suburbs to work on an anti-littering campaign in the city, some people continue throw betel nut husks everywhere, spitting at bus
stops, out of offices, betting shops and shopping centres. Those caught defying rules and regulations of City Hall should either be made to pay a hefty fine or clean their rubbish and spit right there and then.

Kotiufa Sniper, Goroka

Checkpoint thieves:
I was angry when we had to stop at each checkpoint on the Highlands Highway. The first was at Koronika in Chimbu. Later we came to Wara Simbu and stopped at another checkpoint. There was another at the other side of Wara Simbu. The fourth one was at Shuave market and the last one was at Watabung. At every checkpoint the crew had to give Cola money to the police officers on duty before we could pass through. Is this what they trained for? The real robbers are the police officers manning checkpoints who are getting free money from motorists going about their normal business. The commissioner should look into this.

Jonathan Mok, NGV