Letters in brief


Please assist: I AM on duty here in Kutubu. To my surprise I see foreigners operating a store in the middle of all the locals here. Who will be the right authority to complain to? I believe our policemen do not have the powers to arrest. Please assist, Kutubu.

Concerned Papua New Guinean

Daki praised: I AM happy with the initiative taken by our Tambul-Nebilyer MP Win Bakri Daki on the power project into Mt Giluwe. I congratulate and encourage him to continue with what he has just started. Let us put the political, racism and other related issues aside and work as one people. I want to see more development in my electorate as a happy Tambul-Nebilyer. Please continue to serve the people of Tambul-Nebilyer and look at the people in Nebilyer too. Continue on what you’ve just started and set your legacy Win Bakri Daki.

Jonathan Mok, NGV