Letters in brief


Top jobs:
The government was wrong when it changed the process of appointing people to head public institutions. The process used to be entrusted with the Public Service Commission (PSC) until 2015 when it was given to the Ministerial Executive Appointment Committee (MEAC) whose job it was to rubber stamp the National Executive Council decision. The change created the risk of ministers influencing the decision-making process. In one case, a person who was ranked last in the short list of five people was appointed, leading to poor performance on his part and bad financial management. It is good news that a three-man bench has ruled in favour of PSC retaining its powers as MEAC was unconstitutional.

Observer NCD

Short Hunters:
THE Hunters lost to the North Devils because they did not have tall players to contest high balls. Hunters coach Michael Marum needs to fill his team with both size and height. The North Devils adopted the tactics of kicking short and high during restarts and kickoffs and then using their height advantage to regain possession. The Hunters couldn’t adapt.

Hunters Fun – Nick Tyson Bota, POM