Letters in brief


Bad language:
The use of language in Papua New Guinea has gone from bad to worse. Indecent or inappropriate language is being used everywhere and on public media, especially on local radio stations which play songs whose lyrics are of poor taste. Local radio stations should know better and uphold good community standards. What has happened to media
law and ethics? It is a worrying trend that needs immediate attention.

Irritated Listener

Baing appointment:

Who is Ivan Gordons? Ivan, stop hiding behind a pen name while you try to divert attention away from the good things Prime Minister Peter O’Neil is doing for the country. Who are you to question the PM’s faith in another senior statesman’s ability to manage the affairs of Kumul Petroleum Holdings Limited? PM O’Neill, thank you for having faith in us. We will not disappoint you. Andrew Baing, prove the critics wrong.

Bob, Ramu Valley

Western money:

The Sustainable Development Programme fund belongs to the people of Western Province and Sir Mekere Morauta and his board should hand it over to them. The fund has failed because there has been no tangible development since it was set up. The people of Western have
been badly affected by the mine, particularly the people of the non-CMCA region. As beneficiaries of the fund, it should be given to us to manage.

Pende Gamoga, chairman,