Letters in brief


Suffering teachers:
The Education Department should remove from its workforce the public servants who have been failing teachers year after year. These public servants have no customer service skills and have no empathy towards teachers who come from all over Papua New Guinea. The department may even be able to employ teachers who have a better understanding of the issues faced by their colleagues. There are well-qualified teachers, with diplomas and degrees in different fields, who can fill positions in the department.

Frustrated tisa, Fincorp Haus

Insurance need:
Every organisation or company that is doing business in Papua New Guinea, or plans to do business in the country, should have a life and medical insurance scheme for its workers. Some organisations and businesses have insurance cover and some don’t. Our Government should makes this mandatory.

Freddie Kuriva Benson, Gulf

Students helped:
I thank MP Win Bakri Daki for sponsoring the tertiary students of Tambul Nebilyer electorate. The students should return the favour
by working hard and coming
back to help develop Tambul Nebilyer.

Jonathan Mok,

Drunk officer:
Last Wednesday at around 7am at Lae downtown, a police officer in uniform was seen drunk and being a nuisance in public. His actions showed that he didn’t know how to respect women. We often see police officers assaulting drunks and then taking them away to be charged. What about this guy? Can the Lae police commander do something about his officers? They have a no-care attitude. Have some sense of humanity.


Water woes:
At ATS Settlement, in Port Mofresby, our roads are getting worse, the water supply has stopped and there is no presence of local government administration. We used to have good roads, good water supply, no law and order issues and the ATS market was open. Now we are going backwards. MP John Kaupa, you should do better than your predecessor. Get our water flowing again like in the days of Labi when mothers did not have to walk far to fetch water.

Labi Supporter