Letters in brief


PNG not safe:
All forms of violence are now happening throughout the country that PNG is no longer safe for the mother’s and teenagers, esspecially girls. There is always something happening to women and girls. When will this inhuman treatment stop? Criminals are doing that because the economy is not looking good and people are struggling to put food on the table. Corruption is rife, right up to the top. These are some factors that are contributing to the rise in crime. We all should ask about that. The government should be held responsible because this is happening over and over again. When will our mothers and daughters be free from what is happening around them? They have the right to move freely. Can the good government do something about that?

Concerned citizen

Eagles praised:
Congratulations Eagles for your win. That was some spewcial kind of football you guys played. It is impressive play, completing the set of six till the final siren. Keep up the good performance and looking forward for your next game. Stay focused, play safe, and play hard. Congratulation Mt Hagen Eagles.

Rex Ray

Bad politicians:
I question the meritsof wanting to change the government when many politicians on both sides appear to be doing things they should not be doing.
Will it do any good to the country to change the governments or get a new one when all politicians do is fill their pockets.
Unless we have a socialist democratic party that will have a safety net policy and put all unemployed people on a social welfare payment of K150 a fortnight in cities and K50 in rural areas then it’s worth a change.
Already the mandate has been given to PNC to rule until 2022, so it’s time the political parties review their policies and bring the masses under a minimum safety-net system to win the next election.
The wealth of this country has to be shared rather than going to a few elites and political cronies, and leaving huge debts to be paid by the current and future generations.