Letters in brief


Dabaris hope:
Thank you to the Central sports fraternity for putting this team in the Digicel Cup competition. From the start, it has shown that the Central Dabaris are here for business and there is no mucking around. Hopefully by next year, some Central players will be in the PNG Hunters squad. To the Central Dabaris coach, management and the players, it’s time to rock and roll. Keep up the good work and the winning spirit and let 2019 be ours.

Vince Boy, Lae

Naming game:
Can the authorities name the people who had resigned from public office to contest the 2017 election are again back on payroll? A police officer in NCD contested 2017 election, failed, and is now employed as a commander in another province. Would be good to know what procedure was involved? There are probably other public servants who resigned for the election and now working again.

Confused Citizen, POM

Meeting missed:
Last Saturday, a meeting of the National Fisheries Authority, Toaripi leaders and some associates was planned at Uritai village. The Toaripi community’s representatives and the leaders did not attend because those who organised the meeting did not give enough time to the people of Hamuhamu and Lelefiru. Let’s be fair to everybody and let everybody know well in advance of what needs to be done or what is going to happen.

Concern Toaripi (FTV)

PNG way:
Where is the Education Department heading to? Do we have strategies in place in terms of a learning syllabus? We are gaining so much Western knowledge and yet many of the skills today can be passed on to the young people simply through observation and training. Why don’t we merge and redevelop the current system so that as we build an original PNG we also gain western ways?


Parenting love:
True parenting love starts at the beginning of every human relationship. It begins with a man and woman in love before any commitment is made to share life and love forever. Along the way they may have children. Children who missed this in early development become miscreants. And when they take roles of power and control of a country?

Cyril Gare

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