Letters in brief


Game criticised: I am disappointed with the Hunters game on April 20. There seems no back-up. Most players only run the ball with no backing at all. We are still playing the PNG-style of football. One man running the ball and trying to bump the opposition is a bad concept. This only makes the team weak. Free flowing of the ball and backing up is the new game plan. It is about time Ase Boas take over the captaincy to lead.
Edward, Madang

You were warned: I have been warning the prime minister since November 2018 to undertake a major reshuffle in cabinet to remove renegade ministers but he left it too late and now stands a 50:50 chance to remain in power.
Observer , NCD

Teachers right: Teachers have every right to go on strike over their leave fares. Why is the Education Department stopping them? They have all the rights to fight for what is right fully belongs to them. Why should teacher’s leave fare be diverted to other activities?
Junior Kialo

Wake-up call: This is a wake-up call to call to all MPs, either ministers, vice ministers, government backbenchers and governors.
See how Sir Peter Ipatas has claimed that Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is not complying with party policies or Alotau accords, and directing this country to wrong direction.
Hear out the reasons by Southern Highlands Governor William Powi, Hela Governor Philip Undialu and Komo-Margarima MP and Petroluem and Energy vice minister Manasseh Makiba.

The 8 million people of this country is too big for one individual pretending that this country is okay.
We ask you all MPs to hear the peoples cry and come out.