LFA axe Tarangau from 2011 soccer season

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The National, Thursday, May 19, 2011

TARANGAU Football Club competing in the Lae Football Association competition have been eliminated from the 2011 season after they forfeited three times last year.
The decision came after the club officials sat with the LFA executives to negotiate for their re-entry.
It is also within the bylaws of the association that if a club forfeited three times consecutively, it was automatically deregistered from the competition the following season.
Association president Toki Mambare said it was a pity for Tarangau, one of longest existing clubs in the competition, to call it a day.
The other institutional clubs participating in the competition are Blue Kumuls (police) and Defence (army) who have experienced similar situations and are bouncing back to the soccer circles this year.
“It is sad to see clubs banned from soccer but there is nothing much we can do.
“Players make a club and, if there are no players we cannot force a club to remain in the competition. We need  committed players  to sustain a club,” Mambare said.
The club were advised to seek re-admission but failed prompting the association executives to axe them from the competition.
He said the institutional clubs had strong roots with respective codes in PNG but had declined in recent years.
One of the reasons for the loss of players could be associated with their jobs – transferring to take up jobs in other centres or are on duty-call to a particular area for certain period.