Libraries for all schools in 2011

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EDUCATION Minister James Marape revealed that the ministry was working on an initiative to have every school in the country have a library, starting next year.
The minister was speaking at the launching of a book distribution programme by HOPE Worldwide (PNG) yesterday.
Marape said in his term as minister responsible for education, he aimed to advocate for sufficient funding by the government for all schools to have their own libraries.
The event, which took place in Port Moresby, had Marape stressing that schools needed to have libraries in order for the students to learn and to be equipped with additional knowledge apart from what the teachers taught in classes.
Education was the big winner in the government’s 2011 national budget, and the minister was emphatic in his commitment to see part of those funds used to support the expansion of libraries in the country’s schools.
The national education plan, he said, acknowledged the importance of school libraries to enable students to develop their full capacities and the universal basic education plan – which aims to dramatically improve enrolment rates in schools – calls for a significant investment in libraries in primary schools.
He added that books were a vital component of libraries and commended the non-governmental organisation for sourcing and supplying books to schools in the country.
Marape also said the Department of Education would partner with HOPE next year through a memorandum of understanding in order to enhance the distribution of books.
“I commend HOPE Worldwide (PNG) and the New Zealand government for the silent contribution to the country’s schools and look forward for partnership in future programmes,” he said.