Life-time experience for youths

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IT was through sheer determination that enabled volleyball teams from the Lakwaharu Amateur Association (LAVA) to participate at the Digicel National Volleyball championships in Lae.
It is a story of unemployed village youths having the motivation and drive to help themselves  achieve something in life.
They have never dreamed of leaving their villages or province, but making it by aeroplane from the Jackson International Airport to Nadzab in Lae was the first experience for them.
Association president Felix Daroa said the group was made up of youths from Tubusereia and neighbouring Gwarumase villages, Central, many of whom are unemployed.
“Their participation at this level of competition is a first but more so, the bulk of the players have never travelled to Lae or in an aeroplane before,” he said.
LAVA received K5,000 in cash support last Thursday from Kairuku-Hiri MP Paru Aihi which enabled them to make the journey, which ended on Sunday.
Lae United church chairman Raymond Lohia presented the money on behalf of the Kairuku MP to players at a small ceremony at the Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium last Friday.
Daroa said the funding would benefit the players and the people of Tubusereia.
“We have met our travel, accommodation and meal costs and a full acquittal will be furnished and forwarded to relevant authorities,” he said.