Lifeguards get kitted out


The PNG Sports Foundation, with the assistance of Trukai Industries recently equipped its trained and certified lifeguards who include three women, with new uniforms and equipment to carry out their duties at the Taurama Aquatic and Indoor Centre in Port Moresby.
Venue manager of the TAIC Gus Taunao thanked Trukai Industries for the timely support in providing their lifeguards with uniforms and the necessary equipment to ensure that they were able to carry out their duties effectively.
“Lifeguards in Port Moresby and PNG is a new thing, we consider it a important function, especially running a public venue such as the Taurama Aquatic and Indoor Centre.”
Taunao said that public must understand children brought to the TAIC must be supervised by parents.
“When parents bring their children to the pools, they are responsible for their safety and care. The lifeguards are here just to make sure that the venue is safe for all users of the facilities and to respond to any emergencies.
“The most important thing for lifeguarding here at TAIC is that it is not a day care centre. Parents still have to take the responsibility of looking after their kids, and be in the pool with their kids at all times.
“Trukai has provided assistance to provide uniforms, whistles, chairs and umbrellas. The safety and well-being of the visiting public to the TAC is very important,” Taunao said
National marketing manager for Trukai Industries, Maybellyn Fernandes said Trukai was a name synonymous with sports in the country.