Doctor weds sweetheart nurse

Michael Kuri placing the wedding ring on his bride Regina during the wedding ceremony.

A YOUNG couple’s dream of getting married finally came true on Nov 27, 2021 witnessed by families, close friends and colleagues in the medical fraternity.
It was a special and joyous occasion for Dr Michael Kuri from Kami in Anglimp-South Waghi district of Jiwaka to finally tie the knot with long time sweet heart Regina Tomtai of mixed parentage of Madang, Milne Bay and Central.
Dr Kuri will complete his Masters in Emergency Medicine at the University of Papua New Guinea’s School of Medicine and Health Sciences in Port Moresby to become a specialist emergency medical officer in 2022.
Miss Tomtai completed her Bachelor in Critical Care Nursing in 2019 at the medical school, and she is a dedicated emergency nurse at the Modilon General Hospital in Madang.
For the newly-married Mr and Mrs Kuri, it was not an easy journey making it to the wedding aisle, as work and study commitment as well as the long distance separated them throughout their six years’ relationship.
They first met in 2015, after Dr Kuri was posted to Modilon General Hospital to do his two years of residency rotations.
“I was a member of Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship (TSCF) back in secondary school days and coming to university I continued taking part in activities organizsed by TSCF.
“While I was in Madang in 2014 and 2015 to carry out my medical residency practice, I would take part in activities organised by the association and it was there that I laid eyes on my wife to be.
Dr Kuri said what made him become fond of Miss Tomtai was her devotion to the Word of God and her active involvement within the TSCF and regular hospital activities.
“For me, I was looking for quality attitude and good character in my potential lifetime partner then merely on the beauty part of it,” Dr Kuri said.
They both shared similar Christian values and commitment to their medical professions and aspirations to further their careers to help serve the sick and people of PNG.
Mrs Kuri said, “what drew us closer to each other was the similar passion we have of serving the communities we worked in, and we love what we are qualified to do.
“As for myself, I have an outgoing personality and I like doing charity work and helping the less fortunate or those in need.
“It was not easy to get my husband to first fit into my big world but because he had lots of patient and a humble character, we learnt to appreciate each other more,” Mrs Kuri said.
The two went out for their first date on April 12, 2015 and from then on, they both have never looked back with regrets and thanked the heavenly Father for his guidance and protection over their lives.
Mrs Kuri stated that despite residing in Madang working as a full time nursing officer at the emergency department, she says that the fear of the Lord was what kept them, and helped them not to lose track of their relationship.
“God has to be in the relationship, he was in control and helped us learn to respect and have trust in each other despite being far away from each other.
“Regular communication, understanding and instant conflict resolutions were very necessary so far.
“For us, we would make time for ourselves by allocating a day in a week for us to communicate to each other through mobile phone calls or WhatsApp during that scheduled free time,” Mrs Kuri said.
Guest speaker Dr Desmond Aisi, acting chief emergency physician who is Dr Kuri’s immediate supervisor, congratulated the couple and welcome them into their new chapter of life called “marriage life”.
According to Dr Aisi, young Dr Kuri has always been a keen learner and an aspiring emergency physician in the making.
“He is a person who knows where he wants to go and what to achieve and today is a testament of another of his accomplishment and achievement, congratulation Mr and Mrs Kuri,” Dr Aisi said.
Pastor Gwaibo Badira of the Ministry of the Word of God, officiated the marriage ceremony and guided the two couple through the matrimonial ceremony celebrated at the Bethel Tabernacle of Praise, along Waigani Drive in Port Moresby.
During the matrimonial ceremony Ps Badira told the couple that in Christian marriage there is not only the physical, emotional and intellectual relationships.
“There is also the spiritual fellowship and sharing that can be found only in those who are truly born again in the spirit of God and influenced by Jesus Christ.
“Michael Kuri and Regina Tomtai are both born again and it is with joy and confidence, we are able to join them together in marriage,” Ps Badira said.

Laughter echoing from Jimi road

Jim MP Wake Going (second from left) and Prime Minister James Marape during a visit to Jimi earlier this year. – Facebook pictures.

THE road to Jimi in Jiwaka is in a better state now after being left in the doldrums and a sad state for quite a long time.
But the recent upgrading and rehabilitation work is relieving and good news for the Jimi people. Now it’s a different story to what many used to say ‘riding on horseback’ and not on vehicles.
Laughter, giggles and cheers from travelers can be heard on moving vehicles along the Jimi road now which had never been the case before. Drivers are now taking advantage of the recently rehabilitated road going in and out with excitement and comfort.
But many years back it was a different scenario for Jimi PMV operators who on most occasions would had to maneuver around countless potholes or when trying to cross bridges made out of rough-sawn timber or round logs. In worse sections of the road vehicle axels get stuck in mud and passengers get off to free vehicles before continuing on their journey.
This is a typical story in all rural corners of the country. Situations like this in disadvantaged electorates in the country are a huge setback that has adverse effects on communities.

Youths walking along the newly upgraded Jimi road.

Furthermore, a lack or deteriorating infrastructure either directly or indirectly chasing away public servants such as teachers and health workers from outside posted to serve in district – depriving people right to heath care and education.
But with a recent upgrading of the Jimi road the district’s public servants, students and visitors alike are excited and enjoying comfortable PMV rides in and out of the district.
Kaiaworks, a Chimbu-based engineering and construction company has carried out the upgrading work on Jimi’s only road network which was jointly funded by the National Government and Government and the Jimi District Development Authority under MP Wake Goi. The company has fulfilled most of its contractual obligations well before the end of the contract period.
This lifeline of the back page people has definitely turned their frowns and unhappiness into laughter and happiness.
The Jimi road rehabilitation and upgrading work was done in three different sectors. The first sector was from Aparip to Karap, the second from Karap to Gope and the third was from Mala to Senga.
Thank you Kaiaworks for delivering a fine job to the Jimi people and others who are using the upgraded infrastructure for their convenience. The Jimi people are grateful for the combined funding assistance of the National Government and the incumbent MP.