Lighting up Unagi Park is a good decision

Letters, Normal

CHRISTMAS is just around the corner and the lighting up of Christmas lights at the Unagi Park has turned the area into a wonderland.
NDC Governor Powes Parkop must be commended for lighting up the area.
Last year, the Christmas lights were put up at the Five-Mile roundabout.
When the lights were turned on, traffic at the roundabout came to a crawl as many drivers parked their vehicles indiscriminately instead of the Jack Pidik Oval.
Besides that, many people were also crossing the roads, sometimes without looking, to go to the roundabout either to admire the lights or have their pictures taken.
This year, with the lights at Unagi Park, traffic was smoother as many drivers were able to park their vehicles in front of the tyre shop.
For that, I must commend Mr Parkop and NCDC for making revellers enjoying the Christmas lights without causing any harm to themselves and other road users.

Joseph I.
Port Moresby