Lightning kills one, injures 13


People in Madang have been urged to stay away from tall trees during rain after lightning struck 14 people, killing one, in Bundi recently.
The incident occurred last month at Quimbana village about a five-minute walk from Bundi station. The 13 injured people are recovering.
Madang provincial disaster and emergency services acting director  Rudolf Mongallee warned people to stay away from tall trees or stay indoors during heavy rain associated with thunder and lightning.
Mongallee said in a situation report that the 14 villagers struck by lightning were badly injured and a 55-year-old woman died later at the Walium Health Centre.
He said the tall bamboo trees near a family home were struck first and a ball of fire was seen sliding rapidly down the bamboo trees and burnt the banana trees outside the house.
The fire ball floated down a small ditch around the house and headed into the house hitting the people inside.
“The fire ball burnt 13 people inside the house leaving them with black scars,” Mongallee said.
“It burnt the mother on her back and from her throat to her toes.”
The woman was rushed to a Catholic priest at Bundi station who drove her to the Walium Health Centre but she was pronounced dead on arrival.
Mongallee arrived four days later to assess the situation.

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