Lightning victims recovering in hospital

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SIXTY-two people who were severely burnt by lightning two weeks ago are recovering in the hospital at Dom Kagul in Sinasina, Simbu province.
Sympathies are also flowing in for the victims of lightning strikes which claimed two lives in the province.
One of the sons of Dom Kagul, David Bre, said he would visit the victims including families of the two killed, Kum Sawon and Alukua Damkiawa.
Mr Bre said they had never experienced such disaster in the past in Dom Kagul.
“We are confused how it occurred, it is a new thing to us.
“I am sorry and my heart is with council wards 13 (Digakane), 14 (Kumankane), 15 (Kumgoerakane) and 16 (Nulku),” he said.
The lightning struck at a hill top of Dom Kagul village between 4pm and 5pm on Feb 21 during a storm.
It killed Sawon and Damkiawa, burning 62 others.
They were taken to Koge rural health centre and were then referred to Kundiawa General Hospital.
Dom Kagul area is in Suai local level government with a population of about 4,000 from the Dom tribe.