Lihirians aim to be self-reliant

Islands, Normal


LIHIR islanders living in the Lihir gold mine area are planning to become financially secure and selfreliant after the mine ceases operations, a report by a group from Lihir said last week.
The report presented during the 45th medical symposium in Port Moresby said Lihirians, in partnership with churches, the local level government and Lihir Gold Limited, have established a plan to look into ways that will help them achieve their aims by 2030.
The Lihir Sustainable Development Plan (LSDP) set out a systematic approach for the community to achieve political, social and economic development strategies, the report said.
It added that the community had mobilised K100 million toward development on the island.
The developments are to help sustain the people on the Island onces the mine cease operations.
Last year, the LSPD approved the Lihir Islands Community Health Plan for 2009-13 and commissioned JTA International to implement the plan through an alliance with the Lihir Mining Area Land Owners Association (LMALA).