Limiting abuse of funds

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 28th March 2013

 I WOULD like to thank Sam Koim for the trans­parent and commendable work that he has been doing since he was ap­pointed as the head of the Task Force Sweep team to weed out corruption.

He has revealed tender scams which cost PNG billions of kina because of weaknesses in the Public Financial Ma­nagement Act.

I have a suggestion.

Set up a government body within the finance department to raise cheques for ma­terials that would be needed.

Contractors will have to submit their proposals which would include the scope of work, material cost, labour, ex­pertise and consultancy fee.

This body will then look at the proposals and raise the cheques.

Travelling and fuel ex­penses are to be met by the contractors themselves and can be charged to their labour costs, ex­pertise and consultancy fees.

The only payment to the contractors is their la­bour costs, expertise and consultancy fees while the government pays for the materials.

I believe this could minimise misuse and the temptation to steal public money.



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