Lines in Enga out

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The National, Tuesday 21st August, 2012

THE public service delivery mechanism in Enga is being hard hit because of a lack of communication services for two months.Public servants in Enga said yesterday communication at the provincial administration had been cut and they were now finding it difficult to do their work.
A divisional head in the administration, who asked for anonymity, said phone lines were not working and staff could not access their landlines, fax, internet services or bemobile phones.
They had been using their Digicel phones to carry out normal business but this was proving to be costly.
“We are sitting doing nothing in our offices because we cannot do much without phones and fax machines,” he said.He was also unhappy with the way Telikom had been responding to their queries.
Telikom staff in Enga said they were also cut off and were resorting to satellite to communicate with other centres.They said satellite communication was also being used for the Salim Moni Kwik service, while people who used the post office for faxing were also being affected.The public servant said he was worried about service delivery because without phones and fax, “we cannot do much”.Ironically Telikom uses the slogan “Always There”.“Such problems need to be solved in days, not weeks and months, and it is really frustrating because it is causing backlogs in our work.“Telikom staff cannot even tell us what is going on,” he said.
“And it is two months now and we cannot waste time and taxpayers’ money like this.”