Ling-Stuckey outlines visions of alternative government


THE “Alternative Government” has a real vision for increasing jobs and incomes for the people, not the “economic mismanagement” of the last seven years, says Shadow Minister for Treasury and Finance Ian Ling-Stuckey.
He described the 2019 Budget handed down by Treasurer Charles Abel last week as “fake”.
“It is a budget that does not do enough to fund health and education,” Ling-Stuckey said in his 2019 Budget response yesterday. “It is a budget that represents a massive grab for power by Waigani.
“It is a budget built on a fake GDP base using fake growth forecasts.
“It is a flip-flop, two-faced budget which has abandoned the fiscal anchor benchmark the treasurer committed to only two months ago.
“It is a budget that trebles the size of the primary fiscal deficit in a reckless spending spree. It is a flip flop two-faced budget with interest costs soaring yet again when the treasurer said they were under control.
“It is a budget filled with deception about keeping the debt to GDP ratio below 35 per cent.
“It is a budget that absolutely fails to do the hard yards to properly support getting jobs and incomes growing again.”
He said PNG needs a restructured government, with a better mix of coalition partners that have a proven track record to manage the economy.
The ‘Alternative Government’ is willing to work with all like-minded leaders, to embrace needed solutions.
“PNG needs a change of government,” the shadow minister says.
“PNG needs a new and honest government.”

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