Liquor ban leads to a quiet festive period

Lae News, Normal

LAE experienced a generally quiet Christmas period – thanks to the nine-day liquor ban imposed on the city, Lae police said.
Lae metropolitan commander Chief Supt Nema Mondiai said the liquor ban played a big part in the peaceful festive period experienced during the long Christmas weekend.
The nine-day liquor ban by the Morobe administration, which started last Thursday, had resulted in a generally peaceful weekend with no major incidents reported.
The liquor ban helped police in carrying out their duties effectively without much hassle.
And as a result of this the crime rate normally experienced on Christmas period was reduced, Chief Supt Mondiai said.
The police Christmas operations that started two weeks ago will
end on Jan 2, while the liquor ban continues to Jan 3.
“I look forward with hope for peace to continue into the New Year,” Chief Supt Mondiai said.
The Christmas weekend also saw the Menyamya Morobe Security Service (MMSS) guarding public areas around bus stops in town, Main Market and Eriku, ensuring the area was free from street
vendors and petty criminals.