Litterbugs in Mt Hagen warned

Highlands, Normal

VISITORS and locals in Mt Hagen city are warned to stop littering and to use garbage bins provided by the city authority.
The authority is coming down hard on litterbugs and those caught will be fined K50 on the spot.
Theauthority’s   enforcement team and members of the Ex-Prisoners Association engaged in the clean-up of the city patrolled the streets with loud hailers to advise the public to dispose their garbage in the bins provided.
“Litterbugs will be slapped with a fine of no less than K50,” they warned.
They said they had put in a lot of time, resource and effort to clean up the city daily but the public continued with their littering ways.
“In the past, we did not act against litterbugs. Now, they will pay for their dirty habit,” they said.