Live peacefully: Naru

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The National,Tuesday July 5th, 2016

OUTSIDERS who want to settle in Lae and Morobe must co-exist with locals and other citizens peacefully, Morobe Governor Kelly Naru says.
A constitutional lawyer-cum-politician, Naru said this on Friday when conveying his government’s condolences to the family members and relatives of the murdered Graham Romanong and Dr Alphonse Rongap.
“We Morobeans are peaceful people. We live in peace among ourselves and with other people.
“If you are people from other provinces coming to live in Lae and Morobe, you must live in peace with other people.”
Naru said there was no place for troublemakers.
He said people committing crimes in Morobe would be dealt with by the law and their “wantoks” must not support them or hide them from authorities.
“You (community) must supply the names of law-breakers to police,” Naru said.
“Many times we the communities cry for justice. But we ourselves become a hindrance to justice because we refuse to hand over suspects to authorities.”
He said many people who came to live in Lae were good people with genuine motives but there were a few “bad people” who were involved in criminal activities and tarnished the name of others.
Naru warned “self-proclaimed leaders” in the communities not to take advantage of law and order situations to stage protest marches to the provincial government building.
He said leaders were elected by the people so if the people were not happy with the way their leaders governed them, they should remove them during elections.