LJS launches awareness campaign

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THE Law and Justice Sector (LJS) has launched another awareness campaign targeting PNG children and youths.
The aim is to educate children and youths on the roles and functions of partnership organisations within the sector.
The official opening of the exhibition of PNG Law and Justice in partnership with the National Museum and Arts Gallery was held yesterday afternoon in the Sir Allan Mann Hall, National Arts Museum, in Waigani.
In previous years, the target was aimed at university students and other tertiary institutions.
“The target now is school children who are the future of PNG. The more children who are aware of these organisations the better for our country,” Department of Attorney-General and Justice secretary Dr Lawrence Kalinoe said.
The exhibition’s theme is “Respect for the rule of law, respect for property and respect for one another”.
“There is no point in dreaming about a safe and secure society if, as individuals, we do not do what we can to ensure that our community is safe.
“We must take an interest in the society we live in, have respect for one and other, for the properties of others and for the law,” he said.
The opening was witnessed by Chief Ombudsmen Cronox Manek and other distinguished guests.
The exhibition is open to all schools in NCD until March 26.
It exhibits photographs of all LJS and educational pamphlets and other information would be given to visiting students.