LJS launches booklets on workplace gender issues

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THE Papua New Guinea Law and Justice Sector (LJS) launched two booklets on gender equality as one of its projects towards this year’s international Women’s Day theme of “Equal rights, equal opportunities and progress for all”.
International Women’s Day is annually celebrated on March 8, however, the LJS earmarked April 13 to commemorate the day.
National Justice sector service secretary Ronald Silovo said that in 2008, the sector conducted a review of PNG’s anti-discrimination laws to asses sPNG’s  compliance with article 15 of the convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination against women.
He said the review also examined the legal and policy framework that governed the sector’s workers with a view to improving current work practices and, most importantly, to address discrimination in employment.
“The booklet, Gender Equality in the Public Service aims at improving legal literacy for workers on their rights in the public service.
“There are clear illustrations on how public servants can address their grievances if their rights have been violated,” Mr Silovo said.
He said the other booklet was a companion guide for department heads, managers, supervisors and others who were charged with administrative responsibilities under the Public Service Management (PSM) Act.
“It aims to inform them of provisions on discrimination and encourages them to enforce anti-discriminatory provisions of the PSM act and its general orders,” Mr Silovo said.
Women’s council president Scholla Kakas shared similar sentiments.
“Coming from a Melanesian background, most of us went through tough times in male dominated societies but we kept on fighting and standing tall for the rights of women in this nation.
“The younger generation of women will have to rise up and carry on from where the older women have left off so that we can become proven partners to promote equal development,” Ms Kakas said.