LLG chief referred to Public Prosecutor for misconduct

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THE Ombudsman Commission (OC) yesterday referred East Yangoru LLG president Robert Howen to the Public Prosecutor for misconduct in office.
Chief Ombudsman Chronox Manek said investigations revealed there was a case against Mr Howen’s conduct in public office.
The alleged misconduct is in relation to an allegation that resulted in Mr Howen being given the right to be heard on Jan 12 last year.
He responded to the allegations last Feb 9, and after perusing his response the OC was firm it had a prima facie case.
“The Ombudsman Commission has accordingly referred Mr Howen to the Public Prosecutor for his independent deliberations,” Mr Manek said, adding that Mr Howen has been informed of the referral.
The Public Prosecutor has the discretion to conduct or decline proceedings against Mr Howen under the Leadership Code.
It has been a long time since the OC has referred a president or councilllor from a local level government.
Ombudsman John Nero said those in public office should ensure they work diligently and “look after their conduct”.