LLG election


THE integrity of our Constitution has been eroded by the former government when they decided to entertain the boycotting of the 2018 local level government elections by selfish councillors concerning their unsettled allowances.
Without considering the fact that the decision executed to defer the LLG elections in the first place, was unconstitutional and in the process of doing so questioned the legality of the deferred LLG election date leading to a judicial inquiry, thus, delaying due process and wasting time and tax payers money.
Now that all that is water under the bridge all is still not well yet, the newly-elected LLG leaders will be serving a term of three years in office, in which I am now questioning the legality of their terms.
Is it constitutional? If it isn’t, then instead of taking the matter to the courts and wasting more time and money, I resolve that a total funding for five years be allocated to the newly-elected councillors within the time frame of three years; this will enable them to achieve their five-year plans and goals.

Malcolm intending candidate
Oro Bay LLG, Ijivitari

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