LLG elections


THE local level government election is a month away and I wonder if the Electoral Commission has taken some corrective measures to fix the electoral roll problems encountered during last year’s general election.
Are we going to use the same electoral roll we used in the general election or are we going to use the updated one? I believe that many voters’ names were missing from the electoral roll last year.
This is a national issue that needs to be addressed by the authorities before the LLG elections can be conducted.
We need fair and free elections without depriving anyone of his or her constitutional right to vote.
It is our constitutional right to choose our leaders without fear or favour, and I therefore ask the electoral commissioner to explain what the situation is with the electoral roll.
He should explain what corrective measures his team has taken to rectify the problems experienced in last year’s general election.
What will happen to those people whose names are not on the voter registry and how will they accommodate those people if the voter registry has not been updated?
Is there any provision to allow those voters to cast their vote?
I urge the electoral commissioner to use his powers and discretion under the election laws to allow those people to vote.
We do not want to see a repetition of last year where many eligible voters were turned away from the polling booths because their names were not in the electoral roll.
We need transparent, free and fair elections in our wards and LLGs.

Victor I Avarava
Aroma LLG, Abau District

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