LLG leader claims bribery has started in lead up to next year’s election


MOROBE’S Ahi local level government president Malcolm Kalo says bribery for next year’s national general election has started with intending candidates going to communities using projects and small to medium enterprise assistance schemes as an excuse to hand out cash.
“We need our people to know that this is a bad start,” he said.
“Corruption starts with citizens when they start accepting money prior to election.
“We must wait for the right time for a clean campaign.”
Community leaders from Butibam village in Lae said election awareness was important in the months leading to the election.
Last weekend, the community leaders highlighted the need for a fair election in their community.
Kalo said their meeting was timely because intending candidates were starting their campaigns.
“Many are coming into communities under the name of community projects and small to medium enterprise assistance schemes to dish out money,” he said.
Kalo said locals were advised not to follow money.
He said they were advised to consider their issues and choose a leader who would address them.
He said among issues highlighted were land-grabbing and the increase of paper landowners benefitting off community projects.
Kalo said the community had to collaborate and work together with a changed attitude and mindset.