LLG leader hits back at critics over condition of Tsak road

National, Normal

The National, Monday 09th January 2012

RECENT media reports on the road condition of the Tsak road in the Wapenamanda district, Enga, is misleading and aimed at discrediting the local member, a Wapenamanda local level government councillor said.
Cr Dailyo Kisa said the statement run in The National last week was not true and was the work of people trying to discredit Wapenamanda MP Miki Kaeok, who had done so much for the district.
He said the statement was the work of individuals living in Port Moresby who did not have any idea about the condition of the Tsak road.
“As a matter of fact, the individual responsible is a close relative and political supporter of a an intending candidate in Wapenamanda electorate in the coming election and trying to discredit the member but they must understand that the member as
done so much for the district.
“People should give credit to where it is due rather than tarnishing the good work by elected leaders for political point-scoring,” Kisa said.
Kaeok, when contacted, said he was a two-term member of parliament and had done a lot for the people in delivering
goods and services.
The member said he had allocated K1 million for the Tsak to Laiagam ring road and additional K1 million for the Wapenamanda-Kobiam road as counterpart funding for an Asian Development Bank funding.
Kaeok said, so far, ADB has given K500,000 for road clearance and that was done but people were playing cheap politics by going to the media and coming down so low to criticise current development.
“They are trying to discredit the hard work I’ve done and I challenge  them to meet me at the polls rather going to the media,” he said.