LLG managers told to work harder

Islands, Normal

The National, Tuesday 08th November 2011

EAST New Britain provincial administrator Akuila Tubal has expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of performance by local level government (LLG) ma­nagers in the province.
He challenged them to work harder.
During the closing of a LLG capacity workshop last week, he told the LLG managers he was not satisfied with the progress and from reports he was receiving, managers were not performing.
“To date I am not happy and satisfied that you are doing your best, some of you are still not settling down with your jobs,” he said.
He said managers must maintain their presence at budgetary processes and reviews so people could feel confident they had their respective LLGs in the palm of their hands.
“Managers must make it their business that they know how many schools are located in their area and what problems they are facing, level of economic activity in their LLG area, crimes experienced in their area,” he said.
Tubal said from dri­ving around the province, he saw that most managers were not working.
“I am not saying this to put you down but to challenge you to work harder.
“Let us work together through meetings like this and workshops and improve standard of li­ving for the people,” he said.
He said LLG mana­gers play an active role in implementing provincial programmes.
Tubal told the mana­gers to move around more and work with the people and to make district management teams more workable.
“You are the ears of government in the districts and at the provincial level and we expect you to give us more information.”
The LLG workshop is the third since its inception in 2009 and was aimed to see the progress of implementation of provincial programmes at the district levels.