LLG president saves mother, unborn child

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The National, Thursday November 7th, 2013

 SWIFT response from Wewak Island local level government (LLG) president Pius Bugatar has saved the life of a mother who suffered complications during delivery on the far-flung Kadawar Island, northeast of Wewak on Tuesday.

Bugatar became the first LLG president to charter a helicopter to airlift the woman after receiving a distress call just after lunch when she started showing early signs of complications and responded with a medical team which airlifted the woman to Wewak in less than an hour on the same day.

The woman was admitted to the Wewak General Hospital and discharged yesterday after she was attended to by professionals at the maternity ward.

Relatives of the woman praised Bugatar for saving the woman and a labourious six-hour boat trip to Wewak.

“I treasure life more than money. The helicopter company charged me K7,000 but if that trip can save this mother, then I am happy,” Bugatar said.

He acknowledged Wewak MP and chairman of the Wewak Joint District Planning and Budget Priorities Committee Jim Simatab for putting money on vital services like the Good Samaritan Aviation and the Helicopter Company to assist in emergencies such as this.

“My LLG is prone to natural disasters due to population growth, climate change, boat mishaps and health issues. 

“Therefore, I am asking the provincial government to improve our communication capabilities so administrations in town can keep abreast with developments on the remote islands,” Bugatar said.