LLG presidents back secession proposal

Lae News, Normal

The National – Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All 33 local level government presidents in Morobe have renewed calls for the province to secede from the rest of PNG.
They support earlier calls by Governor Luther Wenge, saying the very people who make the laws are blatantly breaching them and it seems the Morobe people, through their elected leaders are the only ones trying to rescue the country’s constitution and speaking out against corruption.
Wenge, who was a barrister before entering politics, has been instrumental in taking four major issues to the Supreme Court for interpretation, with the judgment ruling in favour of the provincial government in all cases.
The matters were, value added tax, enhanced cooperation programme, barring of LLG presidents from provincial assemblies and recently the election of the Governor-General.
In a statement two weeks ago, Wenge said Morobe no longer wanted to remain as part of a country whose leaders continued to breach the constitution at will and without care.
He said a referendum would be carried out next year to gauge the views of the people on whether or not to secede.
Yesterday the Morobe LLG presidents again took up the call saying they were serious about breaking away and would make sure to educate their people on the benefits of doing so, starting next month.
Speaking on behalf of the presidents, Deputy Governor, Morokoi Gaiwata, said Morobe had been a pioneer province that had always led in economic terms and had been instrumental in building this nation into what it is now and continues to play a pivotal role.