LLG presidents must have a say

Letters, Normal

AS the president of Aitape East LLG, I found delivery of goods and services in Sandaun province last year very poor. 
LLG presidents are voted in by the people but they have a very small say in decision-making.
The province started the PPII programme last year and if we want to achieve the first phase, we need to focus on the people:
1. Youth groups;
2. Church groups;
3. Women’s groups; and
4. Sporting clubs and other non-governmental funded groups we have in our communities.
The Department of Provincial and Local Level Government must consider improving the amount for village grant to LLGs if we want to focus on maximum service delivery.
The revenue, which the rural LLGs collect, is too small to fund any programme.
The policy that has been set to give more power to the LLGs as the third level government is not working in Sandaun. 
The different types of grants are not reaching the LLGs.
For example, our people are still waiting for funds from the national agriculture development programme (NADP).
The other issue being challenged by LLG presidents is still unsettled.
The presidents are voted in by people but have no say in the provincial assemblies or provincial executive councils.
This contributed to very little delivery or no service delivery. 
Thus, the appointed members in the provincial governments and the PEC do represent the people.
The appointed members in the PEC are selected mainly from one area of the province where they have very little knowledge of what people from other areas really need.
This policy is not effective and must be reviewed.
The LLG presidents must sit in provincial governments or provincial assemblies because they represent all the people, have a clear knowledge and understanding of what the bulk of population need and want. 
The presidents are in a better position to give correct and accurate information.
Unless LLG presidents have a say, our people will not receive the maximum benefits from the Government.

Dominic Meidom
Aitape East LLG