LLG raises concern on facilities

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 12th February, 2013

COUNCILLORS from Wain-Erap in Nawaeb district, Morobe, have raised concern over inadequate infrastructure and human capacity to cater for K500,000 government grants to improve community services.
The 18 ward councilors, including council president Charlie Foike, also commended the O’Neill government for giving priority to rural development.
The funds have been allocated to improve water supply, education, health and economic sector in the LLG areas.
Due to limited accommodation at LLG station, K145,000 was allocated for staff house maintenance and construction, extension of presidents’ office space including establishment of Notubu base camp for Erap people.
Water supply received K95,000, education and economic sector K80,000 each while health and project administration and supervision K50,000 respectively.
The newly-approved construction projects will be two LLG staff houses, Tagup water supply, Erap Maus Rot market, Boana elementary school, Saut, Guambot, Gumbum primary schools and Finongan aid post. 
Existing projects that required maintenance were LLG staff houses, water supplies in Kesingan, Sikilan, LLG station and for Sokam was diverted to Wasim community.
It also includes Ginasu, Baka and Sadau elementary schools, staff houses for Bawan and Yangarang aid post, Maggom-Sililim healthy island program and Sintagora aid post and Solap coffee mill.
Extensions work for LLG president office and Lowai aid post.
Five coffee cooperative associations were allocated K25, 000 including K10,000 to establish Route 5 PMV association whilst K20,000 to Wain-Erap women’s loan scheme.
The councilors applauded Prime Minister Peter O’Neill government for realising LLG needs by diverting such huge amount to improve community service.
“But we are in doubt if the monies will be expended according to the budget; if and only required technical officers were allowed to based not only at LLG station but being mobile and mingle with communities to ensure required result is achieved” said councilors.