LLGs not funded


THE Government should abolish the third tier government because it is not properly looking after its affairs.
The Government is focusing on provincial and district development authorities and the local level governments (LLG) re forgotten.
Councillors are struggling with their people.
The main governing legislation is the Organic Law on Provincial Government and Local Level Government (OLPLLG) 1995 and the Local Level Governments Administrative Act 1997.
The Department of Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs within the Ministry of Inter-Government Relations has the statutory responsibility for all matters relating to LLGs.
The OLPLLG 1995 was established to address increasing concerns that the public service was failing its responsibility towards the people.
However, though we have this law in place, many times, the Government turns a blind eye on this important rural-people-oriented government.
We hear the Government say “bottom up planning”, but these are mere words to give false hope to the hardworking LLG presidents and their councillors.

Councillor Samuel Wingti,
Tega Ward 1 (Nebilyer LLG)