LLGs powerless to perform duties


WE have three tiers of governments systems clearly recognised by our Constitution – the national, provincial and the local level government (LLG) system.
They should not be tempered with any other means of powers.
From these three levels of government system, LLGs make up the most important level of government that operates close to the rural population.
It is the system of government that involves small people at village level.
However, little or no attention is given to this third level of government.
All LLGs in the country are not getting a fair treatment because this District Development Authority (DDA) Act has hijacked the powers, roles and responsibilities the LLGs are supposed to perform.
This denial clearly indicates that our Government is not serious about delivering services to our rural population.
The biggest question we all should ask today is why create DDAs and give them powers and all the authority to make decisions over LLG presidents, ward members and their ward development committees?
Whose interests are this DDAs serving?
The third level of government has its own structure.
LLGs have presidents, ward members and ward development committees and the national and provincial governments should put direct funding to LLGs to deliver services to the rural people.
It is evident that the rural population do not see and feel the impact of government services because the current DDA Act denies LLGs to fully serve their purpose.

Hanam Bill Sandu,
Wewak Island LLG