LNG landowners urged to express grievances after Apec

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THE PNG LNG upstream landowners have been urged to wait to express their grievances to the Government after the Apec Leaders’ Summit and not to threaten the project.
Landowners from the Hides PDL 4 project from Komo-Margarima in Hela have threatened to disrupt the PNG LNG project during the summit in Port Moresby next week if the Government failed to address their concerns over outstanding commitments of the Government.
The threat have also been issued by some disgruntled landowners who did not receive a payment of the K15 million paid by the State to the landowners last year. Former Hela Governor Francis Potape called on the landowners to wait until the Apec meeting was over so they could talk with the Government.
Potape said the Apec was an important event in the history of the country and there should not be any disturbances or disruptions of any kind that would portray a negative impression of the people and country.
“This is historic so let’s respect the prime minster and allow him to complete hosting the Apec,” he said.
“He has enough on his table to worry about and let’s not put more pressure on him when we can resolve our differences after the Apec meeting.
“We must be thankful that at least the people and the leaders of Hides PDL 4 have received something from the Government since the project started. While some may not agree, at least the project benefitted many of our people and some of us have come out to be what we are now.
“The Government has been good and gave the Hides PDL 4 landowners K15 million recently, and when I was the minister for petroleum and energy in 2011, I made sure the people received K16 million. Therefore, I believe every leader in Hides has received some benefit.
“My appeal to the landowners is not to do anything. Let’s play by the rule and negotiate with the State and go to the courts and seek justice if we feel there is some instances of injustice on our part. We must stop the trend of issuing threat to get something.”
“The Government has enough on its hand with many criticisms everywhere, so let’s wait and let the Government deliver the important event first. Our issues will remain and we will retain the State and the LNG Project so we can address it later.”

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