LNG project not addressing core issues

Letters, Normal

According to a letter published in the Australian Financial Review on Nov 20, ExxonMobil and its partners are walking hand in hand with the PNG Government into a serious problem that they have failed to understand.
Most Papua New Guineans would agree with this.
Inadequate provision by the LNG project for indigenous landowner communities is now becoming apparent.
The main fault is with our own Government but the developers are conveniently turning a blind eye to what is going on.
The investors in the LNG project and our Government decided what they wanted before they even consulted the core landowners.
This was revealed at the farcical Kokopo meetings several months ago.
Core and legitimate landowners such as PDL 1 Hides landowners will reject the State’s illegal LBBSA.
People matter far more than money.
Short-sightedness is caused by the attraction of money.
If the project goes ahead as planned, the problems will surface before much longer.

Papa Giraun