LNG project recruits 22 locals for training

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TWENTY-two young Papua New Guineans have been recruited by the PNG LNG project to make the first batch of its graduate training programme and will undertake a six-month intensive course in Brisbane, Australia.
“The graduates are from seven different provinces, with qualifications in engineering, project controls and administration,” PNG LNG senior planning and execution adviser George Mock said
Mr Mock said he was impressed by the high calibre of applicants to the programme.
 “The graduates will begin a six-month intensive training to build on their existing knowledge and skills,” he said.
Upon successful completion of training and performance evaluations, they will return to PNG middle of next year to start “hands-on” work with the gas project.
The 22 graduates were recruited after a vigorous assessment process  and depending on the precedence set by this batch, it is hoped that the programme would be sustained.
The training course was designed to kick-start their careers and simultaneously meeting workforce demands of the gas project.
The training programme will be managed by the Eos joint venture.
Eos has been contracted to provide a range of services including engineering, training, in-country support services and integrated project team services for construction and project management.
Mr Mock said the graduates were enthusiastic about the opportunity to gain practical experience on a world-class project.
It is anticipated to have a construction workforce of 12,000 to 15,000 during the peak, with around 3,000 to 5,000 composed of Papua New Guineans.
 “We expect the balance of these positions to be filled by specialists from the global construction industry
The recruitment of these graduates reiterated the assurance that developer ExxonMobil is looking forward to making its final investment decision on Dec 8.