Lo doesn’t have all the answers


HIS is in response to Hunters Fan’s letter on June 11.
We all know Garry Lo’s potential.
We know what he can offer, there is no doubt about that. However, Hunters Fan’s sentiments opposes the idea of being part of a team.
Rugby league is a team sport consisting 17 players right?
What the 17 players and the coach inject into the game matters.
That is why Lo, from my point view, cannot make a difference if he’s selected to play.
He is not in play-maker, but a finisher.
The SP PNG Hunters lack discipline, offensively and defensively.
Our game seem to be losing momentum in crucial areas.
Players are losing focus at times and I think this is because of the lack of experience.
Lo can be considered in the forwards or a utility role.
Coach Matthew Church needs to be a bit smarter.
Build the spine and inject some control measures into the players and their performance.

K Guragu,
Diehard Hunter