Loans society gets big capital outlay

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The National, Friday 18th November 2011

GOROKA-based Alekano Savings and Loan Society has received K200,000 from Lufa MP Yawa Silupa.
The money represented an investment on behalf of the Lufa people who could access the amount through loans for agricultural projects and small business activities.
Last march, Silupa made an initial investment of K100,000 with the loans society.
 “I want to empower people of Lufa district to venture into small business and become enterprising citizens of Eastern Highlands,” Silupa said.
“Since there is no such thing as a free gift, the people have to work hard to make ends meet and survive in this tough economic climate,” Silupa said.
He said the people wanting to borrow money should meet the requirements of the loans society.
Silupa thanked the loans society for helping his people since the setting up of a branch in the district in 2008.
Alekano deputy chairman Binn Huletove said their savings society had been assisting the people for the last five years.
He said he could not understand why other politicians were not doing what Silupa was doing for his people.
Huletove said out of the nine MPs in Eastern Highlands province, Silupa was the only one who supported the society.
 “The assistance is making significant impact on the people of Lufa district who are getting loans for small businesses and farming activities …  it is changing the lives of the rural people,” he said.
Huletove said it was all about giving to the people what they need to survive and not free cash handout.
He thanked Silupa for the trust and confidence and vowed to serve the people of Lufa “with dedication and commitment”.