Local association builds 15km road link

The National, Wednesday July 20th, 2016

THE Sikir Community Development Association built a 15km road to connect the people of Lower Kaugul with main the Okuk Highway at the Tomba turnoff in the Tambul-Nebilyer district of Western Highlands.
The association used its own resources and money contributed by its members in the self-help project, with some assistance from the  provincial government.
Association president Alex Maino said the new road would take less time driving to the main road, unlike in the past when it took two hours over the old feeder road.
Maino said work started six weeks ago.
“I want to thank Governor Paias Wingti and his provincial executive council for assisting us with an PC 200 excavator and K150,000 to use it on our project,” he said.
Maino said the money given to the association was used to buy diesel, lubricants, pay the operator and a few other labourers.
He said that they needed to gravel the road and put in culverts but were running out of funds.
“The money given by governor and some from the people are already exhausted, the road is now used by vehicles with four-wheel drives but, they need to put gravel for the PMV buses and trucks,” Maino said.
He said that due to political differences, not too many developments were taking place in the Lower Kagul area and that was people decided to help themselves.
Jack Wally, Wingti’s the executive office, thanked the people for taking the initiative to help themselves.