Local company aims high in cleaning industry


A LOCAL cleaning company is positioning itself to be a leader in the industry.
Klin Source is a nationally-owned company that has entered the cleaning industry providing complete cleaning solutions for offices, homes and industries such as large scale mining and the petroleum sector.
Klin Source is the trading name in PNG with its registered name being Clean Source.
Clean Source PNG Ltd was established on Jan 10, 2018.
Operations director Abdul Raoof Koya, a long-time resident of PNG, said the company was formed as there was a need for a cleaning company that could handle all sectors of industry, business and home applications.
Koya said the whole concept came about when a major hotel requested his service to remove carpet stains and polish their marble floors after unsatisfactory results from other firms.
Koya said the three directors, who formed the company, had similar backgrounds but in different professions and came together to start Clean Source.
Koya said the vision of Clean Source was to elevate the standard of cleaning in the country, bringing the cleaning industry up to date with the new technology and plans to start manufacturing cleaning equipment in PNG as well.
He said his company had opened an office and shop at Gordon, opposite the Brian Bell Home Centre.
He said some of the services they offered included janitorial services in commercial office cleaning, hotel cleaning, airports, restaurant, factories and homes.
He said they specialised in cleaning floors, vinyl tiles, ceramic tiles, stone tiles, marble tiles, grout cleaning, polishing, sealing, stripping and restoration.
Koya said his company also did carpet cleaning, fabric furniture cleaning, window cleaning, concrete washing and stain removal services.
He said besides the cleaning jobs, they sold cleaning chemicals, equipment, toiletries, dispensers and holders, vacuums, pressure washers, floor polishers and polishing pads.
The company also has an auto centre at Kawai Drive, were the services included interior detailing, exterior wash and exterior polishing and a total vehicle makeover as well as cleaning for cafes and takeaway outlets.
Koya said most of their cleaning products were environmental friendly.
He said Clean Source had introduced some of its own cleaning products like Klin Source enzyme-based clearers for the first time in PNG, as this product was designed to continue to clean until all the dirt and bacteria were killed and removed.
This is a cleaning solution that is derived from plants and is biodegradable.
He said they also provided efficient bacteria killers and odour removers for use in urinals.
Adding to their new list of biodegradable products introduced into the country were sanitary bin dispensers (TerraCyclic).
Clean Source also sells steam cleaners (both diesel and petrol powered), pressure cleaners (diesel and petrol powered), vacuums, floor and carpet machines, blow-ups, portable generators, safety equipment for all purposes, office, homes and industries including hotels.
For those who have bedbugs in their homes, Kiln Source has a handheld steam cleaner that can exterminates pests.
For details on cleaning equipment, services and supplies visit the company’s website www.klinsource.com or visit its shops at Gordon.

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