Local company expands services


LOCAL company TE (PNG) has boosted its network quality and coverage throughout Port Moresby, managing director, Robbie Huxley says.
The areas include University of Papua New Guinea, Gerehu, Baruni and Morata, serving local businesses, government and non-government organisations.
Huxley said: “As a PNG company, we want to ensure our customers have access to world-class communications to support their operations at affordable prices.
“Due to the terrain, city development and an expanding population in new areas, we are continually developing and refining our systems to improve services.”
Huxley said the coverage expansion meant a significant investment in leading edge technologies to bring customers an unprecedented level of service within NCD.
TE (PNG) has been around for more than 65 years and is looking forward to the next 65.
Earlier this year the company launched its new “Hakala” (meaning voice in Motu) digital UHF network in NCD.
Both the UHF and VHF digital services bring improvements in wider coverage, much clearer audio quality, security and eliminates interference from other customers, Huxley said.
TE (PNG)’s new Hakala network was built in partnership with Tait Communications and the Kamonai network with Icom Australia.
TE (PNG) partners both manufacturers and provide their products and services through PNG

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