Local company to provide security

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LOCAL service provider Tasion Group is now engaged on a short-term contract to provide security to the Manus detention facility after Paladin’s contract was terminated.
Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA) chief migration officer Solomon Kantha said Paladin’s contract was cancelled due to the Government’s directive to close the Manus detention facility.
“We have a new local service provider, Tasion Group, and this is only a temporary arrangement to look after the assets and protect the assets,” Kantha told The National.
“In terms of the details, it’s confidential because it is a business arrangement so we can’t say how much (contract worth) and so forth.
“The arrangement is just to provide security for the assets and Tasion Group has engaged everyone in Manus, all business and all local landowners over there.
“We agree with the arrangement because everyone benefits and that’s why we have engaged Tasion to provide security for a very short time until the Department of Education is gifted the facility.”
Kantha also said the Manus regional resettlement arrangement operations were one of the most difficult and challenging operations which the new Government had issued a directive for – the closure of the facility.
“ICA immediately took on the Government’s directive and closed the centre within three months.
“I would like to thank all the staff that were involved in to make this possible.”