Local does not want English

National, Normal

The National, Thursday, May 12, 2011

THE system of education has failed thousands of Papua New Guineans because they do not understand English, businessman David Uglu says.
He said English was a borrowed language and the government, through the Department of Education, should consider introducing Tok Pisin in the system so citizens could easily acquire the skills and knowledge required to go straight into the workforce.
“Take a look at Japan, they do not learn English, they are taught skills and knowledge in their own tongue,” Uglu said.
“They manufacture cars, electrical equipment and devices. They have highly-skilled people because they do not need to pass a language test.
“They already know the language and they go to school only to acquire skills and knowledge.”
Uglu, who does not hold a primary school certificate, owns a retail shop and plans to venture into the wholesale and hardware business soon.
He said most Chinese do speak English and used their own tongue to make millions.
Uglu said English could be taught separately for those who wished to master the language.
“All citizens should be taught in their own language so they become productive people.”