Local firm backs rules club

The National, Friday July 8th, 2016

A local company in the East New Britain has come to the aid of the Radazz Aussie Rules team for the coming ENB provincial games.
SPS Limited managing director Simon Wema donated 60 pairs of boots, 60 pairs of socks and 60 caps and will present 60 AFL jerseys to the team later this week.
Wema, from Matupit in the Kombiu LLG, Rabaul, visited the Team Radazz AFL team at their training venue in the heart of Rabaul town at St Martin’s Primary School on Tuesday to make the donation.
Speaking during the presentation Wema said the donation was worth K5000 but his company would also provide transportation and other forms of assistance for the team during the provincial games.
Wema stressed that as a former Aussie Rules player in the early 70s he was willing to assist in reviving the code in the province especially in Rabaul hence he was prompted to assist the team.
He added that this was not the first time his company has assisted sports in the province as SPS has also assisted a basketball club in Sonoma in cash and kind and also a club in the Warangoi softball competition.
Wema said AFL was a sport which still needed to be fully revived.